NEW Features, Just For YOU

NEW Features, Just For YOU

Published by Jade | Hair By MissTresses on 11th Feb 2016

Life is stressful... So, when we finally get a little down time to enjoy the little perks of life such as online shopping, this experience should be as plain sailing as possible...

So ladies, grab yourself a glass of wine and treat yourself to a visit to We strive to ensure that our website is as accessible as that bottle of wine in your fridge, whilst always looking for new features to add to our site so that you can find that dream wig or hair piece with total ease. 

So, let me introduce to you... 

See a product you like, but you're not yet convinced? Check out the red arrow in the middle - This 'quick view' button brings up a pop up on your current screen, giving you all the information you need without having to leave the page your on. There you have a bigger picture, a small description, the price, a drop down menu to view the different shades, and even the option to add the product to your cart and checkout. Pretty cool, huh?

Feeling even lazier?

Check out the other two red arrows - well, give them a click and there you have a display of the different shades and/or angles of this product. Give it a yes, then click right on the picture to be redirected to the product page. Not feeling this one? Well, just continue browsing as you were!

It's not just important for the website to be easy to navigate, it's also important that you have everything you need to make sure you're making the right decision on the wig or hairpiece that you're tempted by - this saves you the time of possibly returning it!

Well, if the pictures and description isn't enough, for many of our products we now have a video option displaying the wig on a live model. All you need to do is click on the 'Play A Video' button, as shown in the photo below, and it will immediately bring up a pop up in your current screen, press play and you're away!... This way, you have a truly honest impression of what the wig or hair piece is really like. You can see it from all angles and even how the piece moves as the model moves too. Some of the products such as the V Tresses display a 'How To' video on the product page, so you can see just how easy they are to fit.

And before I forget...