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Customer Blog Review: Charletta

One of our most loyal customers, Charletta, has taken her time in writing a review on our 'Khloe' wig:

The wig I am wearing this photo is “Khloe” and the colour is Blonde Mix. It is mid-length so it reaches to just over your upper back region. What makes me love this wig is the fact that it looks incredibly natural and flawless, thanks to the “skin crown top” wig cap and the soft hair like fibres. The curls are also wonderful and with a little care and right tools being used (usually by a wig brush or comb) can be brought back to life. It is heat style able and lasts months. The cap is adjustable by using two elastic straps and plastic hooks which can be fastened hooked into littler straps. The way the hair is attached to the wig cap makes it look thick and full so no one knows you’re wearing a wig and no pesky net can be seen through the hairs.

This is a lovely wig and I have purchased it twice before. I currently own the same wig but in brown. I always get compliments when wearing wigs like this and it boosts my confidence a little bit more.

I buy my wigs from a UK based store called Hair by MissTresses (celebwigs.com) and have done for about 5 or so years and I have never bought from anywhere else since then. This particular wig at the time of purchase was about £21.

Want to read more from Charletta? Here's her blog site! > http://visualdiaryofcirapunzel.tumblr.com/