Collabs | Social Media

Collaborator & Sponsorship Scheme for Social Media Influencers.

If you are a Brand MUA Blogger Hairdresser Model Drag Queen Influencer with a professional presence on social media and would like to work promoting our ranges we offer 2 different schemes. Details will be sent to you dependent on your application and account profile. If you are just looking for a free wig in exchange for a photo on instagram, sorry we don't work that way!

To apply for Celebwigs Collab please leave your details below and list links all of your active accounts on YouTube Instagram Snapchat Tumblr Pinterest Facebook etc and any relevant information.

Once we have reviewed your application and if we are interested in working with you we will send you out a proposal. If you have applied and do't hear back from us within 48 hours [ we get dozens of applicants every week ] please bear with us.

As a guideline we only look to take on collaborators who are active posters and do not currently already work with hair or wig brands, have a social media following over 10000+ in a similar demographic, we look for original content especially from those with alternative looks for our @dollsheadwigs brand. We are a small, professional company and work with integrity, we ask for the same from our associates.

Please fill in your details below.


Celebwigs Team.