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Get The Look - Meghan Markle

There's only one name on the lips of the celebrity gossip columnists in the UK and international press for 2018:

Meghan Markle.

The future [potentially?] Princesses style is grabbing the celebrity headlines and that includes her Rich Conker shade hair. As you'd expect for somebody who knows celebrity fame already Ms Markle has a sleek and well groomed look and her shades range from a Oil Rich Black 1b tone to a softer Autumn Blonde, we at Hair By MissTresses love the slightly darker richer tones.

As all women know pulling off the sleek straight hair look takes patience and plenty of hot iron use and when you want to upgrade your style to an evening look a full soft curl is flattering for all face shapes. We pulled up our best choices of Meghan Markle Inspired wigs and added them to a mini collection for you to choose which style and budget suits you if you are looking at a buying or creating a Meghan Markle hairstyle wig.

Heres our top picks to get you the Royal looking hairstyle with out paying a princely sum.

Budget Fashion Meghan Hairstyle wigs: Khloe

Khloe Dark Brown Wig - Megan Markle Style wigs

Lace Front Meghan Markle Straight Hairstyle: Rihann

Meghan Markle Inspired Straight Hairstyle wig

Blow Dry Meghan Markle Inspired Hairstyle: Tamera

Meghan Markle Hairstyle wigs